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Your Christmas Vaping Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again and it’s time to start looking for gifts to give our friends and family. If you know someone who takes CBD through vaping, you can support the hobby by getting a gift related to it. Read on for a convenient vaping gift guide!

Vaping Starter Kit

Do you have a friend or family who wants to try vaping CBD oil? If so, you can give him/her a vaping starter kit. Such a kit includes everything one would need to begin taking CBD through vaping. These products come in different price ranges depending on the features and the quality of the devices included in them.

Vaping devices

Ask any vaper and he/she will tell you that there are various devices used for vaping. Also, they need to keep on replacing their devices as they might lose their effectiveness over time. Whether you want to purchase a new device for a newbie vaper or a device for someone you know who has vaped for some time now, your loved one will surely appreciate it. Here are some examples of vaping devices you can purchase:

  • An express charger is a perfect gift for those who are always on the go.
  • A lanyard is a basic vaping accessory which will allow you to keep your device on-hand and accessible all the time.
  • A sample pack of cartridges will allow you to try different flavors so you can choose which one to permanently use.
  • There are also sample packs which include almost all of the available flavors. Give this to someone who still hasn’t made a decision of which flavor he likes the best.
  • A set of mini-tanks is also a great gift as you can use them several times before you need to replace them. So you can save a lot of money compared to when you use disposable tanks or cartridges.
  • Finally, you can also give a cleaning kit to the vaper in your life. This is very useful for maintaining the condition and performance of vaping devices.


Vape oils

One part of vaping most people enjoy is the variety of available flavors to enjoy. Therefore, you can give the vaper in your life a set of his favorite flavored oil. You can even give a set of vape oils which includes a selection of flavors so your loved one can experiment with them. Who knows, the person you give the vape oils might discover his/her new favorite flavor thanks to you! From fruity to nutty flavors and everything in between, there are plenty of choices available.

For the more seasoned vapers

For those who have been fans of vaping for some time now, a starter kit might not be the best idea. Fortunately, there are other items which you can give. Casually ask the person about his habit and how long he has owned his vaping device. If he has used the same device for years now, you may want to give him/her a new one.

A brand new rig would be truly appreciated, especially if he/she is already thinking of replacing the one he/she owns.

Another reason why a new rig would be a great gift is that manufacturers keep on making improvements on their devices. This means that a new device might even enhance the vaping experience of the person you’ll give it to.

There are several brands on the market which offer vaping rigs. If you’re not sure which one to get, read some reviews or ask a salesperson to tell you more about the device and if he/she has any recommendations.

Vaping-related gifts if you’re on a budget

We’ve gone through the best types of gifts that you can give the vaper in your life. But what if you don’t have the budget for something as costly as a new rig or a set of CBD vape oils? Don’t fret because there are some budget-friendly options available too. These include:

  • Cotton and coils

Before you purchase these items, ask the person what type he/she needs so that you’re sure that the one you’ll give the gift to will use them. There are many different kinds of coils to choose from and they only fit with specific devices. The same thing goes with the cotton products. You might get overwhelmed with the choices so it’s better to find out what type the vaper needs before you make your purchase.

  • Vaping toolkits

Although this item may cost more than cotton and coils, there are several products which are considerably cheaper than vape oils, vape kits, and devices used for vaping. Just make sure to choose one with a good quality so the vaper can use the kit for a long time. Again, you can read reviews or ask the shop owner if he/she has any recommendations for vaping toolkits which aren’t too expensive.

  • Vaping attire

A t-shirt with a cool slogan, quotation or graphic related to vaping can also be the perfect gift for your vaper friend or family member, especially if they’re huge vaping fans. When choosing vaping attire, take note of the size and the personal style of the person you’re getting it for. You don’t want to give a girly shirt to someone who loves all things dark and edgy, right? Simple as a vaping shirt may be, it’s still related to the hobby so it qualifies as a great gift for those into vaping.

Concluding thoughts

More and more people now take CBD through vaping. This is mainly because vaping is the most efficient method for the body to absorb CBD. As you inhale the product, it goes straight into your lungs and gets diffused directly into the bloodstream. If you’re a vaper, finding the best gift for a fellow vaper would be an easy task. If not, you might feel lost when it comes to choosing vaping-related products.

Fortunately, we’ve given you a good idea of what to look for through this Christmas vaping gift guide. As you can see, there are several types of products that you can choose from. Whether the person you know is a vaping beginner or is more seasoned, there’s a gift out there just waiting for your purchase.

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