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What are the Health Risks of Vaping CBD?

Even though CBD has been lauded for its array of benefits, it’s not completely devoid of risks. While vaping quality CBD might have a more potent effect than edibles or CBD topical products, there are several things that you have to consider before choosing the right CBD vape oil for you.

The health risks don’t stem from CBD oil as a substance, but more from the standards of individual manufacturers and their approaches. In this article, let’s explore all the risks and dangers related to vaping CBD oil. Before you choose a verified CBD product for your vape pen, you need to be informed about all the risk factors.

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What you should know about CBD extraction methods

Perhaps the most significant factor in CBD vape oil quality is the extraction method. To produce CBD oil, a manufacturer has to take parts from dried hemp plants and extract the oil from them.

The most popular extraction method is via CO2 extraction. By using pressurized carbon dioxide, extractors pull CBD from the plant. This is the safest and most reliable way to extract CBD, but it also involves some pretty expensive equipment. If your CBD oil is extracted via CO2, it’s most likely safe for vaping.

Other forms of extraction like butane and ethanol is where the health risks start to appear. Both methods are pretty dangerous, as they involve flammable substances.

Because these two methods of extraction are cheaper than CO2, everyone thinks they can do it and get their own CBD oil. The thing that poses the most health risks here are the toxic solvents that might remain in the CBD oil.

While CO2 extraction eradicates all excess substances, other methods often cause different matter and debris to be left in the vape oil. By heating the oil with vape pen coils, you are inhaling dangerous substances into your lungs. Before you choose the right vape oil, make sure it’s a verified CBD brand that uses only CO2 extraction.

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Where the hemp comes from

Extraction might influence the quality of oil the most, but the primary factor is the hemp itself. There are significant health risks due to unregulated hemp cultivation.

To have bigger, better and faster-growing plants, lots of growers add pesticides and banned chemicals to their crops. The problems get even worse when various CBD brands want to buy their hemp for cheap, so they sign contracts with non-organic farms.

To ensure that your CBD vape oil is safe, research about the brand. If they own their own farm, it has to be verified organic by both state authorities and third-party laboratories and testing facilities.

If they don’t have their own farm, research to find out the source of the hemp. Every verified CBD brand has to reveal its source. If not, they are most likely making vape oil out of hemp filled with toxic materials.

Be careful when choosing a CBD oil. Inhaling fumes from non-organic CBD oil can cause everything from serious respiratory problems to some forms of cancer.

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Thinning agents

While pesticides are always a popular subject in CBD circles, there is one significant health risk that often goes unnoticed. This is the presence of nasty chemicals that end up as a result of thinning agents being added to CBD oil.

The problem with raw CBD oil is that it’s too thick, rendering it unfit for vaping. Manufacturers and extracting facilities often have to treat the oil and thin it down to be fit for production.

There are several different ways in which CBD oil can be thinned, but most of them are unsafe for your health. The problem is even bigger when you realize that many brands deliberately use the cheapest methods to sell more products.

Two of the most dangerous thinning agents (and, unfortunately, the most commonly used) are propylene glycol and in other cases, polyethylene glycol. In addition to CBD vape oils, these two substances are usually found in nicotine e-liquids.

While in their basic state, these substances aren’t that detrimental. However, when they are burned or heated, they break into formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. These substances are known as contributors to the development and appearance of cancers.

This is even without mentioning the fact that formaldehyde is also known to induce asthma, severe allergic reactions and other respiratory maladies.

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What can you do to ensure safe CBD vaping?

The first thing you can and should do to ensure the safety of your organism is to buy a quality CBD vape pen.

More and more experts are agreeing on the notion that the most important factor in vaping is the temperature of the heater coil. The right temperature can cause the right level of vaporization, both increasing the purity and the effectiveness of the fumes.

Higher isn’t necessarily better. There are a lot of pens with e-coils that overheat the oil, which is a significant health hazard.

Due to the market being flooded with substandard CBD vape oils, you must conduct research. Explore everything about a brand, starting from verifications and to the origin of their hemp.

Only buy CBD vape oil from legitimate and verified CBD brands. Never have saving money as a goal. If a product has a price that’s too good to be true, it most likely is too good to be true.

Don’t hesitate to ask the company’s customer service about anything you want to know. By looking at their answers, you can get a good idea about their knowledge, expertise and legitimacy.


Concluding thoughts

First and foremost, invest in a good, sturdy vape pen. Steer clear of CBD vape oils that have been extracted using butane and alcohol. Before making a purchase, check the product descriptions to see which thinning agent they’re using. Explore reviews and be careful about new companies with low prices.

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