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The Top 3 Ways to Consume CBD

Once you’ve made the decision to try out CBD, you will need to put some thought into how you plan to consume it. There are different options that may require some experimentation on your part to find the way that works best for you.

So, here are the top 3 ways how other people chose to take their CBD.

1. Vaping CBD

A great number of people who use CBD are strong believers that vaping is the best way of consuming it. While the reasons are multiple for this belief, the most commonly cited ones are fast effect and pleasant experience of smoking it.

It is true that vaping CBD is effective. Any first grader studying biology can tell you the answer why. Our lungs have the highest density network of blood vessels in our body, thus inhaling is the fastest mechanism to transfer something into our bloodstream. As a result, vaping makes the time from consumption to effect as short as possible. Vaped CBD shows great bioavailability. This means that it can easily enter the other systems in the body by filtration.

The bioavailability of CBD, if it is vaped, is 50-60%. You’ll need to use less CBD if you use a vape to consume it to achieve the desired effect. This also makes vaping a less expensive option for consuming CBD with food like eating gummy bears. Aside from the initial outlay of buying the vape, that is.

Vaporizers are easy to take with you when you’re on the go. It is a discreet method of using CBD as it looks no different than regular vaping. It is also relatively odor-free. There is no smell to cling to the drapes and furniture in your room. And you won’t even have any odor on your clothes either.

To summarize, vaping is regarded by many users as the fastest, cheapest, and most effective way of consuming CBD. There are different sizes and concentrations of CBD vaping liquids to choose from when you shop for them.

2. Use CBD tincture

Tincture is a concentrated liquid extract. A CBD tincture is made from an extract obtained from a hemp plant. This highly-concentrated oil is then diluted in a liquid base also called a solvent. Any number of substances may be used as solvents. The most commonly used solvents for CBD tinctures are hemp seed oil and coconut oil, the latter possessing a more neutral flavor but not as useful in terms of health benefits.

The addition of the solvent makes the CBD oil easier to consume and dose as our bodies need only small amounts of pure CBD to yield the desired health benefits. Grabbing 1ml CBD oil with a dropper is much easier than trying to measure 0.05ml of pure CBD in a tiny bottle. The drops are then administered sublingually. This means that you place the drops under your tongue. The oil lands on the salivary glands that are found under the tongue. From there they enter the body through the saliva which we swallow.

You may have to use a little more CBD if you choose a tincture over vaping. It is estimated that the bioavailability of CBD taken sublingually is about 15%. However, it is also fast acting.

It is not necessary to ingest a CBD tincture sublingually. You might find that it has an unpleasant taste. However, many variants are now mixed with flavored oils to make them more palatable. An example is some orange oil.

Another way of ingesting a CBD tincture is to add the drops to a beverage and then drink it. You won’t even taste it if you add it to a cup of coffee or tea. A lot of users recommend using a cup of chamomile tea as the medium for ingesting your CBD tincture.

You can also add it to a meal such as soup or pasta. A liquid part of the meal is ideal. Gravy is another example. But don’t put the tincture drops on meat or rice, etc. It’s not as effective.

One of the disadvantages of using a CBD tincture is that it may take a while to get the dosage right. It’s preferable to start with one drop. This allows your body to get used to the CBD tincture. You can then start increasing the dose until you get it to where you’re comfortable.

3. You can drink a CBD capsule or soft gel

This is the most discreet way to consume CBD. It looks like a regular multivitamin capsule. It’s not as obvious as vaping or putting tincture drops under your tongue. They’re tasteless, so they don’t leave any aftertaste behind. They are also odorless, so there’s no noticeable smell that accompanies as you move around.

One of the advantages of CBD capsules is that you know the exact dosage you’re getting. This means that it’s very important to know what dosage you’re meant to be taking. Always stick to this dose unless otherwise instructed or advised.

The doses may vary due to your individual circumstances. It will take a lot longer to feel the effects of CBD if you take it as a capsule. That’s because it first has to go through the digestive tract before it is released. It can take between 30-90 minutes before you feel the effect. However, users of capsules report that the effects are longer lasting. So, according to them, it’s worth the wait.

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