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Does Vaping CBD Affect Your Appetite?

You may have already tried vaping CBD oils in the past. If you have experienced all the benefits of taking CBD this way, you may even make it a regular part of your life. But have you ever wondered how vaping CBD affects the appetite?

Although most people focus on the healing properties and benefits of CBD, you may also want to know whether vaping CBD boosts or suppresses your appetite. But first, let’s take a look at how it affects the metabolism.


How does CBD affect your metabolism?

No matter how you take CBD, it interacts with our body via the endocannabinoid system. According to research, this system of the body is directly linked to a number of metabolic functions such as energy storage, nutrient transport, and more.

We know that cannabis which contains high levels of THC affects the metabolism, increasing the appetite. So when you smoke it, you would end up consuming more calories than you normally take. Aside from hunger, cannabis stimulates other parts of the body such as the gastrointestinal tract, the endocrine pancreas, the skeletal muscles, and more.

Conversely, CBD can potentially assist the body in metabolizing the nutrients from the food we eat during the process of digestion by prompting specific receptors. This means that vaping CBD may give your metabolism a boost as long as you only take the proper dosages.


Will vaping CBD give you “the munchies?”

Taking cannabis may heighten your sensory perceptions because of its THC content. After some time, you might start to feel very hungry and this is often referred to as “the munchies.” Although CBD comes from the same plant species, vaping CBD won’t give you the same effect.

Unless you vape a CBD oil which contains high levels of THC, it won’t influence your appetite directly. This is because CBD interacts differently with the CB1 receptor of your endocannabinoid system than THC. Vaping has some positive effects on the body which, in turn, gives you a better appetite. Also, CBD makes it easier for you to maintain a healthy weight, especially if you suffer from a medical condition which requires it.


Boosting your appetite using CBD

A lot of CBD manufacturers claim that CBD is a compound which gives the appetite a boost. But is this a fact?

Some studies have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. This is why vaping CBD or taking it in other was may provide a calming effect. This, in turn, may have a positive effect on your appetite, giving it a boost. Also, CBD has natural anti-nausea properties thanks to how the compound interacts with the brain’s cannabinoid receptors.


Suppressing your appetite using CBD

Conversely, some manufacturers also claim that vaping CBD can help suppress the appetite to promote weight loss. As aforementioned, our body has what’s called an endocannabinoid system also known as ECS. The main function of this system is to regulate chemicals and help the body maintain homeostasis or a balanced state. When you vape CBD, this allows the compounds in the vape oil to work with the ECS in regulating the different chemicals.

One of the benefits of CBD which makes people excited about taking it is that it may help suppress the appetite. This benefit is very popular among those who want to lose weight. Upon vaping CBD or consuming the oil, the CBD would start by stimulating the proteins in the body.

This increases the oxidation and breakdown rate of the excess fat we have stored in our bodies. CBD contains active compounds which help the body increase the number of cellular mitochondria and improve their performance too. All these changes that happen within the body will allow you to burn more calories as long as the CBD is in your system.

One important factor which makes CBD very effective in suppressing the appetite and reducing a person’s weight is that it has the ability to stimulate a process called “fat browning.” When CBD enters the body, it transforms the stored white adipose tissues into brown adipose tissues. This is very helpful because the brown adipose tissues allow the body to burn energy more effectively than the white adipose tissues which are usually stored in the body as excess fat.


An increased metabolism

Vaping CBD may also help increase the body’s metabolism. An increase in your metabolism would help your body burn more calories than how much food you consume. When you vape CBD for some time, these changes start happening inside your body and they happen together with a suppression of your appetite.

After some time, you might notice that you don’t need to eat as much before you feel full. Add that with your improved metabolic rate and you’ll start noticing your clothes getting looser and looser.

But when it comes to vaping CBD to lose weight, you should make sure that the product you use doesn’t contain high levels of THC. This component that also comes from the cannabis plant stimulates the ghrelin receptors in the body which dramatically increases the appetite. As soon as these receptors get stimulated, the nerves in the body send messages to the brain asking for food.

CBD oil also can block the effects and actions of THC. This means that vaping CBD may also block the ability of THC to activate your ghrelin receptors. Research has also shown that CBD may even prevent the activation of ghrelin. This is another reason why CBD is very effective at suppressing the appetite.


Our final thoughts on how vaping CBD affects the appetite

Since CBD affects people differently, it may have a different effect on your appetite too. For some people, they feel better after vaping CBD so they end up having a better appetite. But for others, they use CBD to lose weight or to maintain a healthy weight.

But just like all good things, you need to be very careful when vaping CBD or when taking it through other methods. Speak to a doctor first about all the possible effects of CBD so you know exactly what to expect.

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