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Does Using CBD Vape Oil Result in A Positive Drug Test?

If you’re a regular user of CBD vape oil, you probably don’t worry about the possibility of a positive drug test. Or you do, and that makes you part of millions of users that worry daily.

CBD vape oil is already a favorite among CBD oil lovers, thanks to its many claimed advantages on calming nerves, easing pain and more. With vaping already touted as the best way of absorbing CBD oils, it’s easy to see why more people are going for CBD vape oils.

But there is a caveat. Does CBD vape oil result in a positive drug test when consumed?

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What is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD oil is essentially just like any other CBD oil, except it’s applied through a vape pen. And just like any other CBD oil, it is extracted from either the marijuana plant’s leaves or the hemp plant’s flowers.

Vape pens make absorbing the oil easier; some of them are fitted with refillable cartridges while others come with permanent cartridges.

How different is it from other CBD oils?

CBD vape oil doesn’t really differ much from other CBD oils. The only variance is in the way it’s administered, which is through vaping. Other CBD oils are administered through ingestion and vaporization.

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Passing drug tests

Drug tests are carried out to identify unusual substances in an individual’s body system. Companies today carry out drug tests for a variety of reasons, including the sole purpose of weeding out individuals that are abusing drugs.

Folks that use CBD vape oil don’t do so with the aim to abuse drugs. They’d otherwise smoke weed directly. But when a drug test reads positive for you, you might refuse to believe it.

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Does CBD vape oil result in a positive drug test?

CBD vape oil, much like any other CBD oil, can trigger a positive drug test. The determining factor is the amount of THC it has in it at the time of consumption.

THC is the psychoactive substance naturally present in marijuana and hemp that’s responsible for the ‘high’ people get from ingesting or inhaling them.

Here’s the frank possibility: You can get a positive drug test reading after inhaling CBD vape oil. Sometimes, this can happen even when you least expect it. Wondering how?  There are a few reasons.

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If your CBD vape oil was poorly extracted or just illegally made

Properly manufactured and properly extracted CBD vape oil would contain only 0.3% THC or less. That’s the percentage considered safe, and it would be untraceable in a drug test.

When the oil is poorly extracted or illegally made, it can contain very high amounts of THC. That’s a recipe for disaster.

If you consumed very high amounts of marijuana-sourced CBD vape oil

CBD vape oil extracted from marijuana contains a lot more THC than any other form of CBD oil. If you’re looking to exclude THC completely from your intake, only CBD vape oil from all-natural hemp plants excluding THC are ideal.

It’s important to note that consuming very high amounts of CBD vape oil doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a high THC content in your system. The average CBD vape oil sold in stores today contains about 0.3% THC, which is very low.

You would need to consume over 1000 milligrams of CBD oil per day to achieve the percentage that’s rendered traceable. And to compare how high that would be, the average user consumes 20 to 40 milligrams per day.

  • If very strong testing reagents were used. The reagents used for your drug test may be the reason you test positive, especially if particularly harsh ones are used. Strong reagents would detect even the slightest trace of THC, unlike weaker ones.
  • If your body lets you down. Sometimes, an individual’s body just decides to let on that they have drugs within them, even when their concentration is seriously low.

It’s the differences in body chemistry that determine this, but overweight people are more likely to have this happen to them, thanks to the process of THC deposition that happens in fat cells.

Vaping CBD oil

How to avoid a failed drug test (while snoozing away on CBD vape oil still)

Here’s a smiley on the wall. It’s not all gloom for CBD vape oil lovers. There’s a silver lining: you can still vape your CBD away and avoid failing that drug test. Here’s how:

  • Check what you buy and go for original

One of the biggest sources of THC is illegally sourced and poorly extracted CBD oils, sold on the market alongside the genuine products.

It’s up to you, the buyer, to check each bottle you’re buying for ingredient percentages and specifications, and for a brand that you can trust. If you don’t know a brand, don’t go there. Or you will find yourself in deep trouble.

  • Go for THC-free vape oil

If you prefer to be completely free of worry regarding passing your upcoming drug test, go for completely THC-free CBD vape oil.

There are brands that are dedicated to manufacturing such products, and they always offer additional information on their production process for more clarity. Just makes sure it’s always 100% THC free.

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  • Avoid abusing other drugs

As you try to protect yourself from the fatality of a failed drug test by skipping THC-contaminated CBD vape oil, you also ought to avoid abusing any other drug that might trigger a positive.

Anything from cocaine to heroin is a red flag because the drug test will definitely be looking out for those. Try to stay safe.

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The concluding thoughts

Yes, consuming CBD vape oil can result in a positive drug test, assuming it has a high THC concentration. It’s only safe if you’re sure the THC concentration is below the recommended 0.3%. Otherwise, here’s to a safe, stress-free, undisturbed vaping! No one should touch your CBD vape oil.

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