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CBD Vaping for a Healthy Stress Response

Stressful situations can range from mundane situations like picking up an unexpected phone call to persistent worrying about losing your job or even a looming deadline. Such events can trigger a series of stress hormones that produce a range of physiological changes that can often be difficult to deal with.

In our fast-changing world, there are more and more triggers that cause people to feel exhausted, stressed and chronically anxious. The saddest part of it all is that very few of us know how to deal with it properly or even how to get rid of it, to begin with. A looming feel of danger you can’t explain isn’t the easiest thing to make disappear, after all.

The great thing about modern life, though? We have better access to supplements and drugs that can help out with such conditions more efficiently than ever.

One such supplement is CBD – a component proven to help relieve stress and, more importantly, help you get your mind together enough that you can handle it properly. An anti-stress medication is only as useful as you can make use of it, after all.


Why a healthy stress response is important?

Stress, as we know and understand it, is caused by releasing of the hormone cortisol by the brain. This is supposed to trigger a fight-or-flight response, but since there’s no real danger to speak of, it just ends up causing you to worry.

Repeated activation of this response takes a toll on the body over time. Chronic stress contributes to a variety of ailments such as high blood pressure, clogging of arteries, specific changes in the brain, higher chances of addiction and ulcers.

Stress has a direct link to obesity and the development of anxiety disorders. It is essential, therefore, for everyone to be able to get rid of stress triggers before they overwhelm them.

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How CBD Promotes a Healthy Stress Response

Pinpointing exactly how CBD works to combat stress in the human body is a challenge because of the sheer number of parts of the body it targets. The most plausible theory we’ve got right now is that CBD’s neurodegenerative properties somehow help to conquer stress at the root, thus promoting healthy stress and anxiety response.

There are three primary mechanisms by which we currently believe this to work:

Feeling stressed

Targeting endocannabinoid receptors

The human body naturally produces a range of cannabinoids, just like CBD, referred to as endocannabinoids. The Endocannabinoid system is bound to the central nervous system and is responsible for functions like hunger and, significant to our case, stress response.

When stress, this system gets dysregulated, throwing various checks and balances in the body off the fritz. You always feel hungry, for instance, thus the necessity for stress eating, an example of an unhealthy stress response.

CBD works to combat this by restoring the body’s natural order. It prevents the overstimulation of the CBD receptors in the brain and boosts production of endocannabinoids.

These are the components that do the bulk of the work, not CBD itself. In the process, fewer stress hormones are released, giving you a clear mind to be able to process the trigger and effectively deal with it.

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Boosting serotonin production

Serotonin is one of the happiness hormones, but its effects are a lot more complicated and nuanced than that oversimplification. In fact, contrary to what laymen believe, more serotonin is only better to a point. Afterwards, the good effects start to plateau and eventually fall. Having at least 14 different receptors, it depends on what the serotonin binds to in the brain.

Stress and certain anxiety disorders usually result in lower levels of serotonin in the brain. As you might guess, it’s not a very helpful response for someone already on the edge of their comfort zone.

CBD binds with a receptor known as 5-HT1A. This is currently known to have the strongest ties to stress. What makes this response even more helpful is the fact that certain other hormones are known to fight against stress also bind with this receptor. In tense situations, CBD could be a lifesaver for calming your nerves.

Promoting neural regeneration

As mentioned before, one of the main downsides to chronic stress is that it could lead to damaging on certain parts of the brains. Neurons could get affected pretty, and the brain might end up shrinking over time.

The human body is excellent in this regard because the mind is capable of regeneration in instances where it’s not too severely damaged. If anything, we continually form new neurons as we age.

CBD helps boost the regeneration of these damaged neurons, particularly those injured due to chronic stress. When it comes to the brain, the body is nit-picky about what gets to go in and what doesn’t, so CBD itself can only affect certain areas. If these neurons can regrow, the stress is bound to disappear ‘on its own.’

Vaping CBD

How to take CBD, so it’s more effective

Anyone with an anxiety or stress disorder knows the looming feeling that lingers in the gut before a bout of worry or stress occurs. This is one of the factors that make it essential to take a dose of CBD to alleviate the condition preemptively.

Unluckily, stress is a volatile bugger and will often happen without provocation when an unexpected trigger reveals itself. This then leads most people to take CBD on the spot rather than a few minutes before the telltale signs of the fight-or-flight response occur. It then calls for the quickest delivery methods if the harmful hormones are going to leave your blood.

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Final Word

The fastest way to get CBD in your bloodstream is via a CBD vape pen or CBD vape oil drops. Individuals who suffer from stress might benefit from having CBD pills due to their portability and ease of transportation. They don’t work just as fast, but it could be convenient for people in a setting where vaping could cause issues, e.g., work.

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