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Avoid These Ingredients in CBD Vape Oil

CBD vape oil proves as a valuable ally when you want to fight stress, anxiety, or any other thing which badly affects your overall psychophysical state. Also, its intake method makes it more convenient for some users, but it’s important that you keep an eye on the ingredients the CBD vape oil products are made of.

There are some of the substances that you wouldn’t like to get into your body as they can have numerous dangerous side effects which may deteriorate your psychophysical health. This article should provide you with a useful insight into which CBD vape oil ingredients you should definitely avoid.

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How can some of the CBD vape oil ingredients do you harm?

It’s a common practice to mix the cannabis oils with thinning agents so the vaporizing device can provide you with a better performance. However, the moment when you heat the thinning agents, there’s a great chance for the harmful chemical compounds to come to the effect.

The most dangerous chemical compounds you should take care of are the carbonyls. The carbonyls are known to have really bad effects on your health, which sometimes can cause you serious problems.

When you heat the thinning agents, a thermal breakdown occurs and produces a compound known as propylene glycol which can be easily situated on the list of the most menacing chemical compounds out there.

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Propylene glycol

By far the most dangerous substance that’s produced by the thermal breakdown of the thinning agents used in CBD vape oil is the propylene glycol. Allegedly, this substance produces much more acetaldehyde and formaldehyde byproducts than vegetable glycerin, polyethylene glycol and medium chain triglycerides which are also popular cannabis thinning agents.

When you intake the dangerous byproducts, your body gets into the great risk of facing serious health issues. Any sort of exposure to these byproducts is considered potentially harmful, so it’s utterly important that you watch out if your CBD vape oil contains propylene glycol as a thinning agent ingredient.

Also, there’s a reported lack of adequate safety testing for the vape devices and some of the pre-packaged oil cartridges is not well labelled.

This means that you will need to investigate a little bit on your own before using any CBD vape oil product. On the other hand, there is no conclusive evidence of a necessary causal correlation between this thinning agent substance and development of problems with lungs among people who use CBD vaporizers.

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Vegetable glycerin

The vegetable glycerin, mostly known as glycerol or glycerin is a simple clear liquid that is mostly made from soybean, coconut, or palm oils. This substance is mostly used in the cosmetic industry, and it’s known for its health benefits.

However, when exposed to the burning process, this substance may not be as healthy as you would expect. Namely, the long-time exposure to the heated vegetable glycerin may badly affect your health. It’s important to emphasize that the potential damage to health caused by the vegetable glycerin is far less dangerous from the damage the propylene glycol is expected to cause.

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It’s important that you remain careful and consider taking preemptive measures before deciding to inhale the CBD vape oil which has the vegetable glycerin for its thinning agent.

It’s important to mention that all the potential negative effects of vegetable glycerin are possible only on very high temperatures, so one of the things you should watch out is the way your vaporizer heats. Allegedly, it’s very likely for the vegetable glycerin to face the denaturing process on high temperatures.

Polyethylene glycol

Known also as PEG, this thinning agent is along with propylene glycol one of the substances you need to watch out if it’s on the CBD vape oil ingredient list. PEG is reported to degrade into a potent toxin at temperatures your vape pen can reach.

A thing that can be considered as worrying is the fact that the propylene glycol is a widely used thinning agent, so you are very likely to use a vaping pen that contains this dangerous substance among its ingredients.

The PEG produces large amounts of acetaldehyde and formaldehyde, which are both considered extremely harmful substances that may cause your health to significantly deteriorate after longer periods of use.

On the temperature of 230 degrees Celsius, which is a plausible temperature for a regular vaporizer PEG easily decomposes into formaldehyde which you would, considering its dangerous traits, like to avoid as much as possible.

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Medium-chain triglycerides

Medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs are triglycerides that feature two or three fatty acids and this is a substance which is derived from palm kernel oil and coconut oil. The MCTs proved as an efficient way for your vaporizer to provide you with optimum performance.

On the other hand, despite its positive effects on your vaporizer’s performance, this substance showed the traces of harmful compounds like formaldehyde, when heated on the standard vaporizer temperatures.

Mostly, the MCTs are less likely to do you as much potential harm as PEG or propylene glycol, but you should still be careful before using the vaporizer that features MCTs among its ingredients.

When it comes to your health, there is never too much attentiveness, so it’s recommended that you thoroughly inspect the ingredient list and contact your doctor for reliable advice on how this substance will affect your physical state.

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Also, it’s recommended that your first check if you’re potentially allergic to MCTs or its byproducts after a thermal breakdown of this thinning agent.

Concluding thoughts

All of the mentioned thinning agents are very present among the CBD vape oil products and we hope that this short review of their effects will help you consider all the relevant health factors before choosing to use any of the products.

The thing you should mostly look for is the presence of propylene and polyethylene glycol compounds as they are most likely to cause you serious health problems. Vegetable glycerin is not as nearly dangerous as PEG and PG, but it’s important that you see how’s your psychophysical state before choosing to use the products that feature both vegetable glycerin and MCTs as their thinning agents.

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