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7 Reasons Why Coffee and Vaping CBD is Superior to Coffee and Smoking

Are you a quick-coffee-and-smoke-to-open-your-eyes-in-the-morning sort of person? Have you just discovered the natural goodness of CBD? Let’s leave that on the table for a while. Now consider this: coffee and vaping CBD. Sounds healthier, right?

Drinking coffee and vaping CBD together is not just another experiment. It means making a healthy life choice to introduce CBD into your life. This article is all about how taking coffee and vaping CBD together is way better than drinking coffee and smoking at the same time. Stay with us!

It’s healthier

Smoking cigarettes is associated with the obvious risk of lung diseases, especially bronchitis and lung cancer. The risk of other tumors like bladder and prostate cancer in men is also increased. Caffeine causes elevation of the blood pressure while smoking increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Together, coffee and smoking worsen the overall cardiovascular health.

The health improving potential of CBD is well known. In combination with caffeine, it improves the blood vessels condition. CBD is also known to help with controlling sugar levels and by reducing insulin resistance in the body when combined with caffeine, reduces the risk of adverse cardiac events. Further research is underway to discover the full medical potential of CBD when used along with coffee.

No side effects

Ever smoked a cigarette while having coffee and felt light-headed afterward? Besides light-headedness, smoking while gearing up on caffeine may cause dizziness, and nausea etc. CBD, on the other hand, is free of such side effects when vaped along with coffee. A minor side effect of smoking (a lingering smell of smoke) is also not associated when vaping CBD along with coffee.

It is safer for the environment

Smoke emitted from cigarettes and secondarily inhaled by people in your surroundings puts others at risk of developing different sorts of diseases as well. It also releases harmful toxins in the air. Puffing a cigarette while sipping your coffee is, therefore, harmful not only for you but also for your loved ones.

Vaping a cigarette, on the other hand, is much safer. Specialized chamber in the atomizer is meant to collect any substances released from CBD vape oil, keeping the environment healthy.

Active without being high

Nicotine in cigarettes activates the nervous system and induces a “high” state. Caffeine is also a nervous stimulant. When used together, the chances of becoming stoned are quite high, a.k.a the “smokers’ high”. Although smoking while having coffee makes you feel active, in the long run, it affects your overall performance.

On the contrary, CBD lacks psychoactive properties which means that it does not trigger a euphoric state. It is way safer to vape CBD when having coffee as your nervous system becomes activated, causing you to have better mental functional status without becoming high.

Better energy

That “kick” people get out of smoking while having coffee doesn’t last long. Although it may enhance your energy levels, the effect lasts for a short duration only. The adrenaline rush wears off shortly. Moreover, by harming your lungs and breathing capacity, smoking while having coffee tends to decrease your energy levels. You become fatigued quickly even after slight exertion and your daily physical and mental performance is affected.

Conversely, vaping CBD is known to boost energy levels and overcome tiredness. It enhances your cognitive abilities, increases your concentration and improves your attention span. The canna-coffee combo makes you feel better energized, which enhances your performance.  

It is non-addictive

One of the main reasons why smoking and having coffee together is becoming an obsolete idea is that nicotine has addiction potential (especially in teenagers) and a person may become addicted to cigarettes at one point or another. On the opposite hand, CBD is devoid of any addiction potential and chances of becoming dependent on CBD are next to none when vaping it along with coffee.

There is no telling how much nicotine you might end up smoking along with coffee. It’s hard to put a cap on the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day, especially with high chances of becoming addicted to nicotine. This is mainly because nicotine alters the brain chemistry by decreasing the levels of dopamine-the happy neurotransmitter. Low dopamine levels leave you craving for more cigarettes.

Vaping CBD, however, holds an advantage over conventional methods in that it precisely controls the amount of CBD you inhale and with next-to-none chances of dependency, provides better control of your life choices. ]

It calms your nerves

Another effect of smoking and having coffee together is that it increases the anxiety and stress levels. Caffeine and nicotine together cause intense nervous stimulation and increase stress. Together, they also increase heart rate and cause palpitations. Vaping CBD is known to relieve anxiety, which is why CBD is proven to help with certain anxiety and depressive disorders. Vaping CBD while having a coffee can help you unwind and relax.

True, you may not find many cafes that offer CBD-laced coffee and what better option there is to pump up your day than vaping CBD while sipping your coffee. After all, it is just another route of administration of CBD.

For a more care-free and healthy lifestyle, vaping CBD along with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee is just what you need for a perfect start of the day. Vape away the goodness of CBD along with coffee. Explore your options. Take control of your health in your own hands and for a wholesome life, make the right choices. Carpe diem!

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