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5 Most Popular CBD Vape Oil Flavors

An increasingly popular product, CBD vape oil is used with a vape pen. It is one of the most effective ways of delivering cannabinoid oil to the body. The vape pen was first designed to replace the cigarette. Known as the e-cigarette, the vape pen is now used for CBD oils. Regular vape juice comes in several flavors. CBD vape juice does as well.

Here are some of the popular CBD vape oil juice flavors on the market:

Fruity Flavors

Fruity flavors are popular among CBD vape oil juice users. It is pleasant tasting and disguises the taste and smell of regular CBD vape oil juices. Fruit flavors vary considerably, so there are many to choose from.

What you choose will depend on what your favorite fruit is. There are quite a few that are berry-based. This includes strawberry which is very popular. There are also mixed berry oils to use that combine strawberries with raspberries and other berries.

Those who prefer a more exotic taste may enjoy mango or tangerine CBD vape oil juice. Grape is also popular for its gentle flavor. Some users prefer the crisp flavor of citrus, so they favor lemon or orange CBD vape oils. Apple is another common flavor that a lot of users prefer, especially those who like apple juice. Watermelon is popular because of its refreshing flavor.

A lot of times, fruit flavors are combined. For instance, you might find strawberry and kiwi as a CBD vape oil juice. A tropical flavor combines a variety of fruits.

Coffee flavors

Many users like to combine their CBD vape oil flavor with their favorite drink: coffee. There are different coffee-based flavors to choose from. Its rich aroma and pleasantly familiar flavor are comforting to many CBD vape oil juice users. A coffee flavor is rich and wholesome and will suit the palate of any coffee lover.

You can find coffee-based CBD vape oil juice with a hazelnut flavor, which is a coffee flavor a lot of people enjoy. Look out for the roasted Colombian flavor. It’s rich and perfect for the filter coffee lover. Think café mocha, café au lait, and cappuccino, and start exploring your favorite java fix with CBD oil vape juice.

Food flavors

The food flavored CBD vape oil juice flavors are also common. These are specific flavors such as classic breakfast cereal, marshmallow, and cinnamon toast. Another is crème Brulee, Madagascar vanilla bean, and caramel. There are fruity breakfast flavors and muffin flavors like apple cinnamon.

Strawberry milk flavor varies from regular strawberry as it has a far creamier flavor. If you like coffee and cake, try the coffee cake combination. Food flavors are favored by foodies. It gives them a sense of satisfaction on two fronts: the CBD oil and the delicious flavors. Vanilla is also a common CBD vape oil juice flavor. Its pleasant flavor is satisfying for many users.

For those with a very sweet tooth, the chocolate flavor range of CBD vape oil juices will suit the palate. There’s chocolate mousse flavor as well for those who love dessert and chocolate. Cookie flavors are also popular. Some CBD vape oil juices have an infusion of sweet honey.

If you prefer a more savory flavor, you can get CBD vape oil juice that is cheese-flavored!

Herbal flavors

A lot of people find the lavender flavor very soothing. Lavender is well-known for its relaxing properties. That’s why many people like to combine it with CBD oil. If you favor the use of essential oils, you can look at the different flavors in other categories to see if any are included.

Mint is a popular flavor. It’s crisp, refreshing taste is attractive to many users. The menthol in the mint leaves the user feeling cool and rejuvenated. Mint is combined with other flavors. You can get chocolate and mint flavor as well as a strawberry mint combination. Mint and blueberry are another common combinations. A lot of users who prefer minty flavors prefer to keep it strictly mint and avoid combinations.

Cinnamon is another common choice. It is a pleasing, gentle flavor.

Original flavors

A lot of people do not like flavored CBD vape oil cartridges. They prefer the natural flavor of CBD oil. There are different brands to choose from. The flavors may vary from product to product.

What you should know before you buy a CBD vape oil juice regardless of the flavor

There are some considerations you need to bear in mind when deciding on your preferred product:

1. The size of the cartridge

Make sure that the size of the cartridge is compatible with the vape pen. There are cartridges that can be refilled. In this case, you might want to buy the vape juice in larger quantities.

2. The source

Before buying CBD oil vape cartridges from a supplier, check out their reputation. You need to know that you’re buying a quality product that is pure. Charlatans and fly-by-night suppliers will offer products that seem attractive. However, when you receive your product, it’s not what you ordered. Check out the veracity of your supplier. See that they are an established firm with good reviews.

3. The potency

Cartridges have different levels of strength or potency. The CBD count is an important factor. Check it out before you buy anything. You can tell by looking at how much CBD there is per ml/mg in the oil. For those starting off, lower concentrations of CBD are a good idea. You can always buy more potent CBD oil vape cartridges later.

4. The price

Look at how much the CBD vape oil costs per ml/mg. Compare it with other suppliers to get an idea of the relative price. However, don’t choose the cheapest alternative. There’s a chance that the quality won’t be good.

Making the decision to use CBD vape oil is a personal one. However, users are cautioned to shop wisely and not fall for offers from unscrupulous suppliers. There is an almost endless number of flavors for you to choose from. This, again, is a personal choice based on your own preferences.

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