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10 Common Questions About Vaping CBD

In recent years, CBD has seen a boom in popularity. Therefore, many inquisitive individuals have taken up an interest in this cannabinoid. What makes it so popular? Well, many people prefer CBD over THC due to a lack of psychoactive effects. CBD doesn’t get you high and isn’t addictive, which also caused people to choose it overprescribed painkillers.

Out of all the options, vaping is one of the most confusing. People still aren’t sure about the dosage, effects, and benefits yet. To clear this up, we’ve decided to answer 10 common questions about vaping CBD. After reading this article, you will have all the knowledge you need to take up CBD vaping.

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1. Can a doctor give me more advice?

This depends on where you live and the legal status of CBD products in your area. If CBD vape products are indeed legal where you live, then some doctors might be able to advise you.

Still, they are legally forbidden to recommend CBD vaping for any kind of condition. Cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, and doctors are therefore prohibited from recommending something that is illegal. Inquire with your doctor to see if he knows experts who can help you.

2. How much should I take on a daily basis?

There is no definite answer to this question. We are all different regarding height weight and other factors that might influence the exact amount of CBD you need. There are different theories and different measurements.

The best way to find the ideal dose for you is trial and error. Start with a small amount and take it twice a day for at least 5 days. After your body gets used to CBD, you will know how to act in the future.

3. Will it make me high?

When using CBD and vaping it, people ask this question all the time. The answer is no and always will be. CBD and THC are not the same substance. CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive components, and it can’t get you high. In most cases, you won’t even feel the CBD working until it does.

For those that feel overwhelmed when smoking cannabis, CBD is a great alternative. There is nothing to fear, as CBD doesn’t get you in a mentally impaired state. You can drive, work and study normally.

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4. Will I fail a drug test due to vaping CBD?

Like we previously mentioned, CBD vaping oil contains concentrated CBD. Industrial hemp, the origin of most CBD products is allowed to have a maximum of 0.3% THC within any part.

Therefore, the worst-case scenario is that your CBD will only be 99.7% pure. You won’t fail a drug test after vaping CBD. Every available drug test doesn’t test for cannabis per se, but only for THC. You have nothing to worry about.

5. Do I need a medical card to buy CBD vaping products?

The answer to this depends on the state that you’re living in currently. Another factor is the origin of CBD. Since it can be synthesized from both cannabis and hemp, the regulations vary.

CBD from hemp doesn’t require a medical card, even in states where recreational marijuana isn’t legalized. CBD from cannabis does require a medical card, but it also has a risk of containing more THC.

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6. Can I buy CBD vaping products on the internet?

Yes, you most definitely can, but there is a lot of things you have to watch out for. Many obscure sites falsely advertise their products as high in CBD, whereas they are fakes. Another possible danger is the amount of THC.

Before ordering anything, check if the THC is less than 0.3%, making it legal in most of the country. If you accidentally order something with more THC, you might get a misdemeanor charge.


7. Can I get cancer from vaping CBD?

We still don’t have a definite answer to this question. Vaping CBD is a relatively new way of administering this substance, so we don’t have enough evidence.

However, we do know that vaping can have an adverse effect on your lungs and the rest of the organism. With this being said, it’s still unhealthy to inhale too much vape, so be careful. Two or three times a day is more than enough.

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8. Why is CBD vaping oil so expensive?

Due to the process. First, the hemp plants have to be grown in perfect conditions, which alone takes months. Secondly, a large quantity of hemp is needed for one single bottle of CBD vaping oil.

This is because it’s a concentrated substance. Next up, there are mandatory tests organized by both the government and third-party organization. It’s really difficult to get the oil into your vape pen.

9. How long can I keep my CBD vaping oil?

Usually, CBD oil extracts have a shelf life of a little over 2 years. This means that it’s no problem if you forget a bottle and find it after a couple of months.

As this often happens to people, it’s important to know that you shouldn’t throw away a bottle if you haven’t used it for a long time. Another thing to watch out for is sunlight. Keep the vaping oil out of direct sunlight and at room temperature.

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10. How long until I feel the effects?

This also depends on the dosage that you’ve taken. A hypothetically sufficient dose takes about 20-30 minutes to start working. However, this still depends on a lot of factors related to body type, dieting, and current state.

Therefore, you should be patient and wait a couple of days before you make any conclusion. Try different doses out and then write down the amount that works the best for you.

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Concluding thoughts

After reading this excerpt, we hope that you will understand CBD for vaping better. These common questions exist because of misinformation. Before you believe in anything, check for verified sources and proof. Vape safely!

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